Let your dogs do what they were born to do: stimulate all of their senses, traverse through nature and experience being part of a pack! Our pack hikes different trails Monday through Friday, rain or shine! Each 60 to 90 minute hike consists of 30 to 40 minutes of intense walking, 15 minutes of playtime and about 15 minutes of rest and refreshments (resting time varies according to the weather). Please note, this time frame does not include pick up and drop off times.

Our packs usually have from 6 to 10 dogs at a time all the while reinforcing behavior and socialization with strong leadership. Your dogs can even go off leash, however a new dog will likely go on leash until it is comfortable and trained to be off leash. We also provide short easy hikes for senior and small dogs.

Pictures and videos of our hikes are provided upon request and don't forget to check our social media pages.

*Cancellations are accepted no later than 48 hours prior to scheduled pick-up time.



$40 per hike - pick-up and drop-off included
$30 for each additional dog per household

Monday through Friday
Pick ups vary from 9am to 12pm depending on location



"I never write reviews but I feel compelled because Elisa provides such an unparalleled, amazing service. She is the only person I trust to take care of my dog. My dog is bummed when she has to leave Elisa's house... truly the best in town."

- Doug & Jonesy